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Environmental policy

Our commitment to the environment.

We take responsibility for our environment. For us, compliance with legislative requirements is the basic standard. But that is not enough. As a building construction company, we affect our environment for decades, and we wish to do this with a clear conscience – with future generations in mind.

Ecological construction materials.

For the sake of the environment, we conserve resources wherever possible during the construction process, and make use of ecological construction materials. We use construction elements with a high proportion of recyclable materials as well as insulating materials made from renewable materials. Environmental criteria already influence our design and execution planning stages, and are constantly monitored.

Environmentally friendly logistics.

Depending on the size of the construction site, the transport requirements of the overall project may be planned as early as the preparation phase. We use these to extrapolate measures for setting up the construction site: from transport distances to detailed construction phase planning. Our well-thought-out logistics concepts enable us to achieve both the best possible environmental outcomes and time-efficient transport arrangements. Our construction site partners are involved in this process from the very beginning. This means they are a part of our comprehensive environmental management.

Waste under control.

It is our aim to keep the waste, especially mixed waste, and hazardous waste production of our construction sites to a minimum. Insofar as possible in terms of environmental, economic and technical requirements, we recycle our demolition materials. A skip system is used for the pre-sorting and separation of waste fractions. Noise, light and air pollution cannot always be avoided on a construction site; however, we make every effort to minimise these as much as possible. The schedule of essential execution stages is always discussed with our neighbours well in advance. 


Transparency and ongoing communication are features of every one of our construction schemes. It is important to us to keep our neighbours informed well before the start of construction. Notifications are made of any changes in our construction site processes as soon as possible. In this way, we take one step closer to our goal of a construction process without friction and conflict-free interaction with all involved parties.

The latest know-how.

Any system is only as good as the people who implement it. We therefore prioritise the individual development of our staff members. This is the only way we can ensure ongoing improvements in our strategies for environmental management and project development, and so guarantee that our high standards and goals in the area of environmental protection are met.